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Video Editing

About Course


About Course.


This course will be conducted on ZOOM  to have a classroom environment.For details about starting dates and class days, please refer schedule page of this site.

This course will be taught in a programming-friendly way using the Urdu language as starting teaching medium , however, all tasks will be given in English and programs will be developed and presented using English as a presentation language.

Video Editing Course
In this era of technology and global networking, video has become one of the top medium of mass communication. It has the power to engage with millions at the same time, so crafting the right video for right audience requires the art of video editing.

If you want to master this art and start editing videos to skillup yourself or to start earning through it, then this is the right place for you. Get yourself enrolled in this course and learn on hands video editing from scratch.

Why enroll in a Video Editing course?
The Field of Video Editing is progressing and blooming more than any other profession with time. Video Editing services are moving to being a necessity in Business and marketing of every kind. With it’s popularity, it’s getting the fame of being most in demand and reliable earning position as well.

Who can join this course?

Any one who wants to learn Video editing skills and to create the Magic!

What you will learn?

  • Will be able to create edited videos on mobile.
  • Be able to trim and split footages.
  • Be able to add titles,credits,graphics ,music/audio/recording in the video.
  • Become a pro in video editing.
  • Earn money by making professuonal videos.




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1 year ago
Jzk Kher @⁨Aeysha Fahad⁩
For helping myth- busting
Nothing is impossible ❌❌
Hardwork, sincerity and passion to learn
Above all great mentors and teachers like U💜
Thank U
Thanks to the platform for this opportunity 🌟
2 years ago
Learned so much in an hour. Ayesha is a knowledgeable instructor. I signed up for her master class and very excited to take a deep dive in video editing.
2 years ago
Outstanding workshop. Learnt some new things
2 years ago
Great Instructor!
2 years ago
Good course for instructors who want to make videos.