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Lets Do the Sketching!!

About Course

If you feel hesitant or reluctant to sketch this one day workshop is just for you

Join us and explore your inner talent

Give it a try I am sure you will find a new hobby

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1 year ago
Thank you for this amazing workshop. Before workshop I think sketching is very tough but after learning from an amazing teacher mam Arsallah I don't find it tough anymore. You are really great teacher.
1 year ago
Thank you, I really enjoyed the workshop. Taking time out from busy schedule and spending time for this activity was worth it. Love the way you guided us in sketching. For the first time, I sketched this type of picture only because of you.
1 year ago
Miss Arsalla explained so well and taught us a pro tip of sketching
Enjoyed the 1 day workshop
I did drawing after 10 years I guess
Thank u so much ♥️ I had an amazing experience
Looking forward for such work shops
Sumaya Zafar
1 year ago
A beautifully explained well structured work shop..
To help beginners and also for the ones who still not aware about the artist in them ,
here goes *Arsalla*… who encourages and inspires to bring out that passion 🌟🌟
1 year ago
I really really enjoyed the workshop. It was so helpful. I learned the pro tip of a perfect sketch.. It was so nice to see you Arsallah. You're damn amazing and gorgeous. Hope to learn more from you. Thanks aLot for sharing your tips and tricks with us for free. In Sha Allah I shall learn more from you very soon as It is my dream to paint like you.
You did great. Already your fan.
Love from the core of my heart. ♥
1 year ago
This course was amazing. I always thought sketching 2D or 3D was rocket science but after attending the class it it so easy for me to sketch any thing I want to. Credit goes to Miss Arsallah for explaining is so well and making things look so easy .