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Islamic Illumination/Tazhip

About Course

About Course


This course will be conducted on Zoom ,for minimum 45 minutes, to have a classroom environment. The classes will be conducted twice a week. There will be twelve (12) sessions divided over six weeks. Photos, written lessons and some practices to get you involved. Your homework will be checked through a whatsapp group through which we all will be connected. The course will be conducted in urdu language for better understanding of this intricate art. There will be 12 recorded videos divided over. For details about starting dates and class dates please refer schedule page of this site.

Introduction to Tezhip

Tezhip has extensively been used throughout the centuries in the Ottoman Empire for decorative purposes. It is a non-figurative art (the art type that includes figures are called the miniature art, also offered at our institute) and was commonly used in books, as well as decorating calligraphy and miniature art piece.

In this course you will learn how to reproduce a pattern ottoman manuscripts in your own style. Discover the traditional methods of painting symmetrical floral patterns which consists of flowers and buds. Moreover you will explore how to work with colors ,mostly gold, to create illuminated islamic motifs.




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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic strokes with pencil 
  • Types of leaves
  • Flowers Hatayi
  • Buds 
  • Zenecerk 2dots and 3dots 5dots in square 
  • Zenecerk in circles and rumi 
  • Division methods
  • Types of shamsae and tegh
  • Tracing methods and composition 
  • Paper tea staining ,coating and burnishing methods. 
  • Colouring techniques
  • Final basic project

Course Content

Paper preparation

  • Paper preperation

Basic strokes and leaves

Developed Yaprak Leaves

Complex leaves



Spiral and composition

Colouring techniques.

Negative Painting

How to draw zencerek around your artwork

Rumi motifs

3 lines zencerek

Zenecerk 2lines

4 line zencerek

Circular zencerek

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3 Ratings
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1 year ago
It was a wonderful experience learning with Miss Rania. The way she teaches and explains everything is amazing, loved every bit of it. Thank you for your time and efforts. ❤️
1 year ago
Miss Rania is a very dedicated and professional teacher. It was a pleasure to learn from her.
1 year ago
Very good experience with Miss Rania. She is very talented and her way of teaching is very good. Her behavior with her students is very nice.