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Express your imagination through art

About Course

Children have emotions that they need to express.

Through arts, children can often express their true voices, which can be implemented in many areas. Imagination and creativity are essential, regardless of their career preferences later in life.

Arts and crafts can help young minds transform their ideas into tangible objects. When we see the results of their work, we often know how children feel and how they think. Children always find it satisfying to know that their ideas and imagination can physically exist on paper. It doesn’t matter whether their artwork looks good to them or not, it is important to make sure that children are using their imagination. Mistakes can be corrected, but it is essential that the imagination fully controls how the lines are created in the first place.

As children become more self-aware, they have a growing desire to use their imagination and become more creative. They start to draw things based on imaginative narratives. Children with a well-developed imagination are more confident in their abilities when making arts and crafts projects. While it might require some skill to produce better arts and crafts projects, the underlying power is still a strong imagination.

This course includes 7 projects and  will be executed in the form of synchronous class sessions of 1hr and 30mins, in which everyone logs in to ZOOM share their videos and learn and practice it on live sessions. Instructor will continuously guide and observe your work throughout the session. There will be 8 sessions divided over 4 weeks. 

For details about starting dates and class days, please refer schedule page of this site

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What Will You Learn?

  • This is an activity based course with different mediums and it will be taught in a practical way.
  • Main focus will be on kids imagination and to enhance their technical skills and the ability to understand the analogy of different mediums necessary to express their imagination through their art pieces.
  • They will be confident enough to paint and draw something new and also helps them to step outside of their comfort zone and create/paint their own masterpieces with different mediums.
  • This course will help them to unleash their inner self

Course Content

Lessons from 1-8

  • Colors theory
  • Paint 1 tone landscape
  • One point perspective
  • Man’s eye view
  • Symmetrical portrait
  • Sunset painting
  • Textured moon
  • Mini comic book

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10 months ago
My Daughter Rabeea Kamran 5 and niece Hafsa Musadiq 10 were enrolled for "Express your imagination through Art". Initially I was not sure that these young girls will complete this course.

Thanks to Arsallah, she is truly blessed with a magical nature of teaching Art with fun and enjoyment. My daughter and Niece are very happy, I can see so much improvement in their drawings as well as behavior. May God bless Arsallah and the entire My Hobbies My Passion team.