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English Writing for Students and Bloggers

About Course

This course will be executed in the form of synchronous class sessions, in which everyone logs in to ZOOM to have a better discussion environment. There will be twenty sessions divided over ten weeks. For details about starting dates and class days, please refer schedule page of this site.

This course will be taught in a transitional way using the Urdu language as starting teaching medium and gradually move towards all teaching instructions given in English. There will be sessions on necessary grammar as the main target is to enhance your ability to write better on social media.

What Will You Learn?

  • Kick start your journey towards English writing. Here you start with using is, am, were, were, has, and have in simple sentences. Enhance your writing ability using correct punctuation, appropriate articles, and necessary usage of nouns, pronouns and conjunctions.
  • You will use present tenses to present your current status and happenings in life. You will also learn to use past tenses to express your past stories. Finally, future tenses will be discussed in the tenses session so that you can create your true stories or fiction using past, present and future events.
  • Increase your writing weightage using adjectives, demonstrative adjectives, possessive pronouns and prepositional phrases.
  • You will learn to use frequently used model verbs to extend your stories with your ability, possibilities and necessities regarding life matters.
  • You will increase your ability to present extended ideas using dependent and independent clauses. Here you will also learn more about punctuation.
  • Frequently used words will be shared so as to increase your vocabulary and make your life easier for your next writing project.
  • There will be a final capstone project to write your own literacy narrative. Here you will express your own story about how you started learning in life and what are your future literacy plans.

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