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English language and conversation

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In this course, we will be covering some of the key features which will help in our use of English. We will explore phrases used in a common social situation like greetings, inviting &  giving advice.  Acquiring Interminable vocabulary Expressions needed for fluent conversation. Swotting sentences rather than focusing on words Expressing yourself and your wants. How to provide oneself with the flow to pause & recollect your thoughts, Focus on fluency and holding a conversation. furthermore, in this class, we will work our way through some of the basics of speaking English. It is the first in a series of classes leading you step by step to fluency in speaking English. These lessons are designed so that you are actively involved in the lesson. These lessons are for anyone just starting their journey to learn English and will help you assimilate English vocabulary naturally progressing our way to the tips and techniques to help you train your mind to think in English! so that you can stop translating in your head and focus on gaining fluency by thinking in English.

This course  will be conducted through 12 interactive  zoom sessions divided into 6 weeks with each an hour-long class with instruction, activities, and practice

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What Will You Learn?

  • In this course I will be teaching you how to improve your English conversation skills, as an expat myself I learned English as a second language when I was young….I understand that people trying to learn the language have difficulty translating their thought in real time and thus face difficulty in keeping up in any conversation
  • In this course , I will help you in many different aspects of conversation ,from fixing common pronunciation to learning important transition words and idioms together in order to sustain a conversation . We will go over important overview, vocabulary and expressions which can be used on a day to day basis. We will learn difference between formal and informal speech. By the end of this course you will not only learn key fundamentals that will massively improve your conversation skills, but I will also share how you can always improve and get better in your skills.

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1 year ago
I'm very glad to say that Miss Samar Kashif is a great teacher She explained very well and it was a very great experience thank you so much for teaching us...
Sharqa Adnan
1 year ago
Alhamdulillah great experience to learn English with such an amazing and best teacher...Thank you so much for teaching us very well and clear our concepts in a very kind and friendly way..