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The Art of Sketching

About Course

This is basically the foundation course of your painting journey where you will learn “where to draw.

Main focus will be on developing the technical skills and the ability to organize the visual elements and principles of art, necessary to let you create your own aesthetically beautiful art pieces.

It will be taught in a practical way and will be executed in the form of synchronous class sessions, in which everyone logs in to ZOOM with their videos and learn and practice it on live sessions. Your instructor will continuously guide and observe your work throughout the session. There will be eight sessions divided over 4 weeks. Every session covers a new topic which works as a ladder and helps you to move to the next ones

In the end of the course you will be confident enough to step outside of your comfort zone and create your own aesthetically beautiful art pieces

For details about starting dates and class days, please refer schedule page of this site.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You will able to
  • recognize and evaluate basic elements and principals of art (line, color, form, texture, rhythm, etc.), and exercise and demonstrate the use of these elements in your own art piece
  • create aesthetically beautiful art pieces
  • develop the technical skills and enhances the ability to organize the visual elements necessary to communicate concepts and transfer your thoughts on the canvas
  • produce creative works that demonstrate innovation in concepts and depicts your inner self
  • analyze, interpret and evaluate the form and content of your own art work along with the understanding of art theory by applying practical methodology to the task
  • enhances your critical thinking ability to analyze your own work
  • confident enough to create something new

Course Content

Session from 1-8
Session 1 Art Why you want to do it Session 2 Lines Types of lines you can use while creating your art piece Session 3 Study of light Usage of tints and shades and their importance while creating your art piece Session 4 Study of color wheel Mixing of colors Learn to select the appropriate colors for your art piece Session 5 Turn shapes into forms Session 6 Movement of eye on Canvas Types of composition Session 7 Make your own composition Session 7 Create your beautiful art piece on Canvas while using black and white color

  • turn your hobby into your passion and learn about art and lines
  • Study of lights and darks
  • Turn 2D shapes into 3D forms
  • Different types of Compositions
  • Why Asymmetrical composition is important
  • Create your own art piece
  • Create your art piece on canvas (final project)
  • Black and white art piece

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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10 months ago
I used to draw random things on random papers found at random times. "The Art of Sketching" was a wonderful course which actually gave me a direction and at the age of 49, I feel so proud of myself ')

My 13-year-old son also joined us in this course, and I have seen a good improvement in his sketching. Arslallah is such an amazing coach, with her superb professionalism and soft nature she took us through all the basic techniques of sketching. I seriously wish to continue and level-up in sketching.

I definitely recommend My Hobbies My Passion and specifically Arsallah for her courses. A must learn skill for all ages.
1 year ago
It was wonderful experience learning from Arsallah,
The sessions were interactive, supportive and motivated especially for young learner.
My daughter had a lovely time.
Thank you admin team and instructors for arranging such programs for us.
2 years ago
This course is the first ladder of my journey towards learning basics of painting. I never tried sketching and shading before this course. Arsallah our teacher taught us from basic to advance of how to compose a painting. And she gave me the confidence I always lack that I can compose My own master piece. She is the kind of teacher who always wants to see truly her students growing.
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ibrahim
2 years ago
Arsallah is an amazing teacher and has helped me overcome my fears and made painting seem so easy. A huge plus for me is how patiently she deals with everyone in the class and doesn’t rush things. So glad I opted for this!
2 years ago
Mrs. Arsallah’s manner of teaching is so wonderful and refreshing!! She’s patient and supportive, but really knows how to motivate her students. She’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging.