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Arabic calligraphy (diwani font)

By Aina Junaid Uncategorized

About Course

Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy based on the Arabic alphabet…..

It is a very noble work to write Allah names and his ayah in very beautiful way…


Khat e diwani is an easy font with which you can start your calligraphy journey…

Course will be pre recorded so everyone can join and work on their own will be guided 24/7 with proper markings…

May Allah give all of us taufeeq to attempt this skill and make us a tiny part in the journey of dawah…ameen

What Will You Learn?

  • Journey will start from drawing a single nuqta.
  • Construction of individual letters (mufradat) with proper rules of ibn e muqla doting system.
  • Joining letters ( murakkabat)
  • Writing ayah
  • Test at the end of course
  • Course project

Course Content


  • Introduction to islamic arts
  • Introduction to khat e diwani
  • Introduction to materials

Individual letters (Mufradat )

Joining of letters (murakkabat)

Ayah writing (composition )

Final test

Final project working

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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1 year ago
It was an excellent decision to take this course, very professional and talented teacher who has a great grip on her art
1 year ago
Asalam o Alikum. The overall experience in learning this course is awesome. I found the course very interesting and engrossing. The instructor is very helpful and experienced and helped us at her best to understand and learn the techniques of calligraphy. The instructor provide feedback on our work and helped us to gain command on the techniques in Diwani font. My overall experience for this course is very exciting I learn a lot during the course and thanks for the awesome teacher who helped us a long the way.
Aiman Rafiq
1 year ago
It was a very good experience in learning with her.. She taught everything very clearly and always helped whenever needed.. And now after completing the course i can write beautifully in dewani script..
1 year ago
Asalamoalikum. I am Mariam. It was immense pleasure to learn and explore our talents with very humble lady. She throughout the course was helpful and still helping us whenever we needed. Always give positive response in befitting manner. We learn alot through this course and it design in such a way that it cover all aspect and not only basic info but also modern information. I definitely join other courses with such nice teacher. Thanks.